I've been playing around with this build ...


It's been pretty enjoyable. Very efficient killer, good ranged dps and some surviveability.

I was rolling with a 40 point MM/Rgr/NB build, but I didn't like it. Too squishy and after the damage nerf, no real burst damage.

I pulled out the ranger and culled MM down to it's essentials. I tried playing around with it without the snare from NB, but I really think a pure MM build needs some kind of snare since Static Shot is horrible. I miss Splinter Shot quite a bit, but the whole benefit for SS for MM was to combine with Sin skills and get many bleeds at once ... not as possible anymore.

I like this build because I have a snare removal, stun removal and snare/stun immunity. I also have two teleports that seem to more than make up for the loss of Retreat.

I'm wondring if anyone rolls with anything similar.