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Thread: Solo AOE grind build 34+

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    Default Solo AOE grind build 34+

    Haven't seen any mention of this build, but having tried the other rogue AOE solo builds, this one has been best so far:

    Booby Build
    1. using silent setup, stack 5 charges on whatever. don't detonate
    2. aggro the mob with the charges & a few extra (chemical bomb works)
    3. use rift disturbance if you want to debuff your new friends
    4. map all the keys on your keyboard to booby trap and roll your face across your keyboard until all the mobs around you die.

    • rift scavenger will heal you back for any damage you take ~1600 pt heal. no down-time between pulls
    • booby trap will pbae for ~350 damage every gcd. it's cheap energy-wise so you never run out of energy.
    • takes absolutely no skill or effort.
    • booby trap NEVER misses

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    Nice build; its very out of the box and very similar to one of my other builds.

    With 3 more points into your RS tree, specifically for rift barrier, you get damage absorption, which you WILL need if you are going to tank everything, and with +16 points you will get stalker phase.

    What I would do with that, is preplant charges like you said, shadow stalk into the mob for +60% max health absorption and +15% damage which will affect booby trap, then go to town.

    I would also add a point into shadow assault to half the cooldown of shadow stalk. I would definitely try it out if I wasnt 50 already and needing to grind.

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