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Thread: New Rogue Tank, Need Advice Please!

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    Lightbulb New Rogue Tank, Need Advice Please!

    Hello and good morning!

    I am a Riftstalker/Bladedancer/Bard. I didn't copy and spec the "god tank spec" I have read about tonight since searching this topic, but since I am only level 28, i don't think that has much, if any, bearing anyways.

    I have also read various tanking rotations, and found I was basically following them w/o knowing... you know... since we only get 6 real skills and all.

    So in That-game-which-shall-not-be-named I was a warrior tank/dps and my Mrs. was a resto shammy. Since starting RIFT I have been playing as a Bard and was loving it, but decided to give tanking a shot tonight since she is a healer and it's hard to find a tank late at night.

    Fast-forward 7 wipes later before we ever made it to the 1st boss in FC, and I am wondering if I am simply doing something wrong. It seems I take WAY too much damage for her to be able to heal through (she is a Cleric), and I am simply looking for a few informed opinions.

    How gear dependent is a Rogue tank? I am currently sitting around 2800hp fully buffed, and have no idea off-hand what my avoidance stats are yet (if the talent says +End/+Dex/+Dodge, I took it). I am running in mainly level 19-26 gear, as I don't really quest a lot since I am mainly a PvP'er when I am not helping her out in dungeons.

    I always start-off my pulls with a single combo point into the Guardian 30% armor buff into the 5% Dex buff and then set-up a 5pt combo to reset the timers to 60sec. I still get fricking smashed.

    So I called in another friend who happens to be trying out a Rogue tank build as well. She gets fricking smashed (she is level 28 also).

    I have absolutely no idea what to do at this point as I cannot even survive the first 10 seconds of initial damage to take the time to set-up my Finisher buffs. And I have seen her heal the instance before with me as a Bard (yes, we had an off-healer this time too), so I am assuming that it is something I am doing wrong.

    So there it is. Please help a new tank out fellow Rogues! If you have gone through something like this and have found a way that works, please share your magic.

    Thanks in advance!

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    shot in the dark here ... are you making sure to toggle on the guardian phase?

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    Is you build 28/8/1 give or take the 8/1?

    open with either:
    blitz> guarded>disturbance>assault> phantom spam> rift guard
    cadence > rift guard>blitz> guarded >disturbance

    from there its priority:

    rift guard >10 seconds
    guarded >10 seconds
    false blade> 10 seconds
    dps finisher
    phantom blow 3 stack
    phantom blow> 3 seconds
    rift disturbance
    planar strike

    blitz/assault/stalk + instigate to pick up adds
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    make sure your buffs and toggles are up, make sure the healers aware that you WILL be taking a large amount of damage at the start of the fight, get your rift guard up asap followed by guardian steel (unless you have barrier as well then you can afford to go guardian steel first)

    if nothing else make sure guardian phase is toggled and you get rift guard up asap and you should be fine, could also make sure you use rift disturbance as much as possible as it debuffs the enemies attack power.

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    Well don't beat yourself up over it.

    From what I've seen all tanks a little squishy pre 30.

    I've been tanking dungeons regularly all the way up to 50. I was lucky enough to run with 4 clerics though. So, there was a ton of healing going around. You're going to feel squishy until you're level 35 or so.

    Right now the best thing you can do, is to try not to let your buffs drop. If your Rift Guard drops, you're going to take about 20% more damage.

    Personally I would run a spec like this --
    Rift Scavenger can really help out if your healer is struggling. Mine heals me for APR 2200 at level 50, but I only have 7k HP. I tanked in DPS gear all the way to 50. I'm just now looking for Dodge/Parry/Toughness gear

    The other thing, is that I always stayed 2-3 levels ahead of my friends so when we did dungeons, mobs were green-yellow to me. So I wasn't getting worked as hard.

    Another thing to consider, if the two of you have been running together as Bard/Cleric, then you were probably making her job a lot easier with the healing. Solo healing is WAY harder to do in this game. Many of my groups we ran with a 1 main healer, 2 off healers, one solid DPS, and me tanking. That combo actually worked really well.

    After talking to several healers, from what I can tell Rogue tanks are really solid tanks. You just can not let your buffs drop. Always keep 3 stacks, Rift Guard, False Blade and Guarded Steel up.

    Hope that helps.

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