Hello guys , i was theorycrafting a little bit with builds etc. I've recently dinged 50(yay me) and i really enjoyed playing my BD/RS/Sin build , which is insanely good for grinding but doesn't really cut it for dpsing dungeons and raids later. I've tested most melee dps builds/rotation etc.

That being said i came up with a build that goes like this :

So with this build i have the following benefits:

-all the low tier goodies the sin build offers(bleeds and poisons , great synergy with bd crit chance and stealth openers)
-the increased dmg from combo builders/finishers that nb low tier offers and the almost perma 5% dmg increase with hellfire blades.
-And finally a fully functional BD build , with all the great thing it can offer w/o relying on avoidance to be effective.

So the rotation i'm using is this : I use the basic BD macro+puncture: cast puncture
cast precision strike
cast quick strike
cast keen strike

and always keep up Dauntless Strike buff (+5% crit for party/raid) . When its up i finish with deadly strike.
Also use puncture on CD.

I use lethal poison and hellfire blades.

I'm still considering if i should try and keep fiery spike dot up .

Also , since most T1/2 dungeon fights are quite melee unfriendly with all the cleaves and aoe , I'm considering dishing flash of steel and/or puncture and get Twilight Force and the ranged finisher from NB build for the moments i can't be at melee range .

So what are u're thoughts ?
Any feedback/comments with good criticism are welcome.

PS: I haven't parsed the dps yet , cause i didn't have the time yet , but when I do I will post some SS

Cheers !