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Thread: Thought on Enduring Brew for PvP

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    Default Thought on Enduring Brew for PvP

    So i have been toying around with different builds in the sin tree and a thought occured to me.

    From reading the Enduring Brew thread from the other day I thought i would try it out and i actually almost killed a cleric 4 levels above me, I am 42 and it was 46 with almost 6k hp. Enduring brew every 10 seconds is a nice pet to have as well as its CC breaking abilities.

    So now on to my thought: I have not messed with planar foci or essences that much bercause I haven't really gotten any. I know they come in the flavor of resists too. Since enduring brew is water damage would it make getting some water resist essences/gear to begate that dmg even more? a 450 heal with the DoT cut in half or even a third every 10 seconds be worth rummaging around for a little extra water resist?

    TL;DR version: water resist not a bad idea for enduring brew pvp through planar essences?
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    Bump - I'm interested to know about this as well.

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