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    I've been playing around with a Bard/Ranger/Nightblade. In Solo PVE, its very good for levelling. I kill at a slowish pace but there is zero downtime and I can take multiple mobs at once. It's cool to creep up with dark malady, hehe. For PVP, I can do great splash healing and I can snare but I'm bad one on one. I was thinking of going deep into NB for that heat build up skill and that one that makes twilight force do crazy dmg when some goes under 30% health. I would 12 in bard for cadence. Then the rest in ranger so that I get the pet to give a 20% dmg bonus when it crits plus the 5% from headshot. This way I have some burst dps, strong finishes and ok splash healing.

    Cadence should be strong with all that but will my dps be respectable with a pet, cadence, headshot, twilight force, and the occasional conclusive shot? Will the 12 in cadence make the healing worthwhile considering all the skills that boost it?

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    Here is a build I have been toying around with ...


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