I mean whats (in your opinion) the best soul combinations for:

pve melee dps role, pvp melee dps role, pve ranged, pvp ranged, pve support, pvp support, pve tank

im only lvl 19 atm but im lvling quickly as a bard(all other points),marks(8), ranger(0). i just bought my second role and im wondering what i should make it. in the end i wanna have a tank role dps role and support(healer) role which for rogues are one and the same.

please tell me your soul combinations and if you think one of the souls i should go all out i.e. 51 points into it and left over in one or both other souls or is it better to even it out more or just a few more in primary etc...

atm i was thinking:

melee dps nightblade/bladedancer/assassin
tank riftstalker/bladedancer/bard
support bard/marksman/?not sure on 3rd for this spec yet?

was thinking in primary role but 51 points and other 2 i would divy up remainder depending on tests i do with build do see what i may need to point my remander points into. i.e. if i need on my tank build more dmg so put in bladedancer or more healign and buffs so go into bard