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Thread: Static Shot

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    Default Static Shot

    ..should not break on damage.

    Any objections? Right now it feels a bit useless compared to others like Burning Bonds which do not break on damage. The spell feels a bit useless 80% of the time, the only time it's good is to allow your team to catch up when you're lucky enough to not have it break instantly due to some DoT, and even then, you can't actually deal any damage to the person - save for casting Empowered/Deadeye shot, perhaps.

    To me, Marksman is all about control. We don't have the raw damage output of a Saboteur, Champion or Pyromancer - but we can kite the enemy, boost our speed, break slows/roots, make ourselves temporarily immune to CCs and have several abilities to put distance between us and the enemy - so why is our only root completely useless (most of the time)?

    I'd be much happier with the Ranger's slow than I would be with Static Shot.
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    Bump for this. Don't see how anyone would have a problem with it.

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