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Thread: My Ranger / Sin / BD Spec

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    Default My Ranger / Sin / BD Spec

    I normally run assassin but with all these T1 T2 bosses that require ranged only I made one of my roles 31/31/4 Ranger/MM/Sin and it was OK, going to try this later:


    BD is mostly for passive hit/white dmg/dex and a blade tempo cooldown... Thinking of getting rid of BD and putting a NB in it's place with the 12 (maybe 13) obvious pts at least. Not sure which will be better.

    3 pts wasted in Sin to get to tier 3, but worth it for virutlent poison and the great talents of always 10% dmg and 20% bigger crits. Would run lethal/virulent poisons.

    The 3 wasted pts would not be so wasted if you could open in melee range and make your way out. 15% dmg for 10sec if its worth running while shooting.
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