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Thread: Ranger specs and macroes + debate

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    Default Ranger specs and macroes + debate

    hey all i saw a lotta posts about assassin / rb / nb and some other classes but havent seen much about ranger so figured id start it up.

    ill start with some macros that ya could use for easy usage of all abilities in all situations

    first of my spec is based 10 nb 32 ranger 17 assy this leaves a few points which ya can distribute at yer own leisure and i guess the required talents are no brainers with this setup. maybe later ill post a spec for now macroes. (oh i always have my pet on passive and i am on a pvp server)

    i use 6 macroes:

    macro 1 aoe
    #show trick shot
    cast trick shot

    macro 2 slow
    #show crippling shot
    cast crippling shot
    cast malicious strike

    macro 3 pull
    #show splinter shot
    cast shadow fire
    cast splinter shot
    cast puncture (optional means 18 in assy tree)
    cast fiery spike (in case ya click it and nothing is up it will still grant a combo point)

    macro 4 build combo points
    #show quick shot
    cast quick shot
    cast puncture
    cast primal strike

    macro 5 finisher
    #show head shot
    cast final blow
    cast concussive blast
    cast head shot

    These are currently the 5 macros that help me out a lot to do some good dps if ya have any more to add or additional info or adjustments to mine be my guest also if ya have a spec you think is better then 32 ranger with 2 side souls let us know next post ill drop my spec here!

    greetz styxxey

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    this is a pure dungeon spec i left my snare out of it but i obtained the armor debuff which can be added to the build macro in my previous post since its on a 5 sec cooldown it will alternate between quick shot and piercing shot.


    this is my pvp spec as ya can see i have 2 snares the ranged and melee one also took blinding power incase i get jumped by 2 people and bolster is really nice to have in addition to that. also ya can track humanoids this makes it easier to detect someone sneaking up on ya in the previous spec i have it too cause after all im on a pvp server however it is possible to drop that and get 3 more points in fire and death attunement will also add dark malady to yer arsenal. personal choice i guess.

    Now i been think about changing out nb for riftstalker and going 32 ranger only wondering if its worth swapping for!

    greetz the styxxey

    ps plz be constructive im here to learn too!

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    this is a Riftstalker spec where ya utilize both ranger and assassin abilities kinda more for pvp i think but thats k.

    not sure if the mobility + buffs from the RS will outweight the raw damage increase from nightblade not to mention i had to sacrafice tracking humanoids....but it sure lookz interesting to me cause like this ya actually take advantage of serated blades if ya do go into melee.

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    Thanks for the info on macros. I haven't used them at all and this is a great starting point to figure out how to set them up.

    I'm on a PvE server. I have one role (main) for solo-questing which works OK for now in dungeons until I hit 50. I'm working on building out two more roles (1 bard, 1 melee) for dungeons/raids but haven't gotten there yet. I'm also probably going to switch to 51 point MM or create another role when raiding. We'll see.

    For now, this is what I'm going with. I can't give up the DeadEye Shot so I'm still using MM while I know many are using NB+SIN or the like. I like the mechanics of the Ranger, and I'm very used to playing it now so I feel comfortable in most situations. I use the Greater Razorbeast when soloing and the Raptor when I have someone else to tank.

    My rotation with this is usually something like* Splinter Shot> Quick Shot> Piercing Shot> Fiery Spike> Deadyeye Shot> Rejuvenate (when needed). If the trash mob is still alive after that (don't forget the Greater Razorbeast is wailing away after the SS hits), I either finish with a couple QS or move in for melee. For longer battles, after the initial barrage, it's 3 Fiery Spikes and Deadeye Shot until dead. Bosses/Elites, when grouped, start the main rotation over and over and add in 3 Fiery Spikes when needed.

    *SS to start, because it takes so long to cast, starts the bleeding, and adds 2 combo points; QS adds to the bleeding; Piercing to reduce armor for the remainder of the encounter; FS for the quick cast DoT, and DS to Crit. My Deadeye Shot doesn't miss too often (maybe 20%?), but when it does it seems to miss a few times in a row and then land; so that seems to be mob dependent a lot.

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    macro 1: 'the bastard'
    /cast Crippling Shot
    /cast Quick Shot

    macro 2: 'proper shootin'
    /cast Splinter Shot
    /cast Shadow Fire

    macor 3: 'stabhappy'
    /cast Puncture
    /cast Backstab
    /cast Quick Strike
    /cast Keen Strike

    macor 4: 'a champion!'
    /cast Escape Artist
    /cast Verse of Fascination or Foul Play
    /cast Sprint
    /s This ******** will not hold, a nerf bat shall be unleashed upon your world!

    Nothing fancy and I use a really minimized third hotbar as a cooldown display for the skills macro'd which actually have a cooldown. Work well enough for me.

    As for builds, I use the two following with decent success.

    ranger/bard/bladedancer: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1M...fzV00soo.E0z0z

    Pretty nice for quest soloing, farming up rep or mats and makes a helluva combat bard. I'm not thrilled with Escape Artist having a two minute cooldown as my only root break but I live with it and Sprint plus Weapon Barrage really outshine any of the Riftstalker talents I could pick up.

    ranger/assassin/bladedancer: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1M...VRftoboz.E0z0z

    More of a pvp sweeper build, protection for your backline healers and casters while occassionally running into melee when you've got Prey on the Weak, Cruel Vengeance and Bestial Fury up... at which point you will completely runover whoever you decide to melee with. I'd imagine there are other, more stable ways to hit 1800pt Final Blow crits but I doubt they come with a rad dog. More of a classic D&D ranger kinda build. Again, the versatility of bladedancer really outshines anything else I could pick up and perma stealth is just fantastic... with the added bonus of sending in the dog first doesn't put you into combat nor break your stealth.
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    Key talents:
    - Eagle Eye
    - Hasten Call

    - Ruthlessness
    - Magnify Pain

    - Nimble Fingers

    - Critical hit heavy.
    - Pet deals some pretty good damage at higher levels and is tough to get rid of.
    - Decent levels of Crowd-Control.
    - Adequate melee skills.
    - Nice team utility/support, with access to slows, interrupts, silences, stuns, roots, debuffs and traps.
    - 30% healing reduction via Dire Wolf.
    - 8 second CC immunity.
    - Poisons.
    - Self-buffs.
    - Temporary stealth.
    - Decent AoE with Rain of Arrows and Trick Shot.

    - 3 points in Poison Potency
    - 1 point in Barbed Trap

    + 1 point in Blinding Powder
    + 1 point in Improved Stealth
    + 2 points in Silent Footsteps

    Slightly less damage, but more CC and permanent stealth.

    Basic rotation:
    Pet Attack -> Splinter Shot -> Shadow Fire -> Piercing Shot -> Head Shot

    Then switch to the following priority system:
    1. Renew Splinter Shot
    2. Renew Shadow Fire
    3. Renew Piercing Shot

    - Fill combo points with Quick Shot
    - Head Shot at 5 points
    - Replace Head Shot with Concussive Blast for interrupts
    - Deploy traps as needed

    (Piercing Shot and Quick Shot, on one key)

    #show Piercing Shot
    /cast Piercing Shot
    /cast Quick Shot

    (Splinter Shot and Shadow Fire, on one key)

    #show Splinter Shot
    /cast Splinter Shot
    /cast Shadow Fire

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    Ranger 31
    • 5/5 Eagle Eye … Static Crit
    • 2/2 Killing Focus … Ranged Weapon Dmg modifier
    • 3/3 Improved Quick Shot … Added Bleed Effect
    • 2/2 Bestial Fury … Damage modifier
    • 3/3 Blood Rage … Increased Pet Damage
    • 1/1 Piercing Shot … Armor Pen Debuff
    • 1/3 Exposure … Added Armor Reduction
    • 5/5 Double Shot … 50% Chance to Fire Extra Auto Shot
    • 3/3 Opportunity … 100% Chance to add a combo point after a Finisher
    • 1/1 Rain of Arrows … Staple AoE Attack
    • 1/1 King of the Jungle … Pet Damage modifier & AoE pet damage reduction
    • 3/3 Prey on the Weak … Damage modifier
    • 1/1 Blood Raptor … Highest DPS pet
    o Use Splinter Shot & Piercing Shot as Openers
    o Use Quick Shot as Focus Dump
    o Use Head Shot in rotation for Bestial Fury buff
    o Use Predatory Instincts for added AP
    o Use Rejuvenate for pet survivability
    o Have Concussive Shot available for interrupts
    o Have Escape artist available
    o Have Greater Dire Wolf available… situational for damage mitigation
    o Use Blood Raptor for straight DPS fights

    Marksman 18
    • 5/5 Single Minded Focus … Increased Damage to Deadeye & Rapid Fire Shot
    • 3/3 Sharpshooter … Increased Hit Chane (if needed)
    o 3/5 Master Archer … Add attack damage (if hit capped)
    • 5/5 Increased Fire Power … Added AP
    • 5/5 Penetrating Shots … Added Armor Reduction
    o Use Marksman’s Pedestal for 10% damage modifier
    o Use Rapid Fire Shot in rotation for 30% haste
    o Use Deadeye Shot in rotation when all buffs are active
    o Use Fan Out for mobile AoE
    o Hit and Run available

    Assassin 17
    • 5/5 Ruthlessness … Increased static crit
    • 3/3 Serrated Blades … progress the tree
    • 2/2 Murderous Intent … Damage modifier
    • 5/5 Cruel Intentions … Damage modifier
    • 2/2 Magnify Pain … Increase critcal damage
    o Macro Savage Strike to Quick Shot
    o Macro Final Blow to Head Shot
    o Use Lethal Poison … Added crit chance
    o Use Virulent Poison … Added attack
    o Stealth available w/ Incapacitate for quick CC
    o Elusiveness available to allow close range CC if needed

    • Splinter Shot > Piercing Shot > Quick Shot (x2) … 5 combo pts
    • Head Shot (Bestial Fury) > Quick Shot (x4) … 5 combo pts
    • Rapid Fire Shot (30% Haste) > Splinter Shot > Piercing Shot … Refresh Debuff & DoT/5 combo pts
    • Deadeye Shot > Quick Shot (x4) > Deadeye Shot
    • Repeat Opener & Re-apply Head Shot/Rapid Fire Shot as needed
    • BURST: All buffs/debuffs up @ 5 combo pts … Hit and Run > Deadeye Shot > Empowered Shot (x2) > Deadeye Shot

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    thank you so much for this the red letters were really annoying

    other then that nice type up but wouldnt it be easier to just use ZAM for yer builds and then have a few explanations with it most is selfexplanatory anyways!

    greets styxxey

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