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Thread: The Carrier

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    Default The Carrier

    I'm using the following build for a while now and thought i would share it.


    Looks wierd? Kinda. But it's used for one thing: carrying stuff in BGs.

    Set Memory Cap about 40-50meters away from the sourcestone/fang/flag and try to get it (through groupmembers, buffs, when noones looking, etc).
    Flash Back and -boom- your are already 50 meters away.
    Now you got an anti CC buff running and a movement buff, after 4 sec a shadow shift (if rooted/snared an 'on the double') and keep getting whereever you want to go.
    Through plane shifting - swift shot - sprint (bladedancer) you can pretty much get across the whole map within seconds. (if u chain the 3 plane shifting abilities you can pass 100meters in 4-5 seconds)

    Riftstalker offers enough survivability and if someone hits you 'hasty departure' helps too (plane shifts and 'on the double' keep removing roots/snares).

    Rift Prison, Static Shot and Repelling Shot help getting rid of other players.
    Defer Death for the last few meters.

    It's fun and i never see anyone with a similiar build and in case you aren't needed, you can still grab another specc.

    sorry for the crappy english, as a german i tend to **** up english grammar and spelling
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    I have seen Rogues run a build very close to this and dominate flag running nice of you to share it.

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    Ya bastid!

    Thats close to my theorycrafted MM build since, I don't know, some time ago..

    Didn't primarily intend it for your usage, tho I see, and agree, what you mean. For me it would be a high mobility, pressure and harassment build.

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    yeah. honestly I don't know why this isn't being abused more.
    Riftstalker is 10x stronger at flag running then druids ever were in wow.

    MM is probably overkill. I would get infiltrator, for break out, and a bit more def talents.

    Phaseshifts need to drop the flag. I'm sorry, but that is just not balanced.
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    Oh, thought this was a thread about Madman/Scout...

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