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Thread: Bard healing question and builds !?

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    Default Bard healing question and builds !?

    Does the 2 Nightblade soul abilities Coup de grase and Unstabeling state raise the healing dong by Coda of Restoration ?? I know it says damage on those and i searched the forums and i do find different answer. Anyone actually tested it and knows ?

    Im trying to find a good pure support bard PvE group,instance and raid build. Anyone have any good builds to share ? Comments to the builds are welcome !

    Thanks for the help fellow bards !

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    No, nothing in NB affects your Coda of Restoration, but Blazing Fury and Unstable State will affect your Cadence damage (and since Cadence's healing is based directly on its damage your heals as well).
    The typical full-on support Bard build is the full 51 in Bard for VoJ, 8 in Nightblade for Blazing Fury and Unstable State (which gives you Conceal and Lost Hope as root skills), and the other 7 going basically wherever you want them. Riftstalker for 15% AP is usually a good choice, as is Bladedancer for 5% Hit (until you get enough Hit from gear to switch it for another Soul). I'm personally using the last 7 in Saboteur at the moment because soloing elites with mez, charges, boomz, repeat really entertains me. If I was more serious about the last 7 I'd probably go with RS for the AP boost, though.
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