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Thread: An odd melee PvP build...

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    Default An odd melee PvP build...

    Was brainstorming around trying to come up with an interesting and effective way to play a melee rogue in PvP.


    You might ask, what is it? Basically a hybrid rs/assassin. High mobility and lots of cc. I'm not 50 yet so can't really try it out completely but I did mess around with the rs points in place and pretty deep into assassin, nothing in nb yet. Felt very effective. With 5 blinks I am able to absorb about 10k dmg before I start even getting hurt at lvl 34 in green gear with few enchants. Was getting about 700 dmg crits from finishers and being cc'ed really wasn't an issue. Due to Shadow Stalk and Freedom of Movement I was pretty much un-cc'able.

    Any critiques or suggestions for improvement?
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