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Thread: Need Help With Tanking Experts

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    Default Need Help With Tanking Experts

    I have read various posts on rogue tanking but some information still escapes me and was hoping that any of you could offer me some guidance.

    1) How geared should I be to begin tanking T1 experts? Is there a self-buffed HP/armor/dodge etc range of stats that I should be going for?

    2) What kind of stats should I be going for? Of the Fortress? Of the Defender?

    3) A build? I have seen several in other posts. Doesn't seem like rocket surgery but I'd love to see yours.

    4) Rotation? What do you do for single and multi-mob situations?

    Thanks in advance for your wisdom.

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    first of all before tanking experts make sure you have a decent toughness score.

    For t1 that should be around the 50 mark, (run t1's as support/dps to get some plaque gear is easiest)

    As for other stats dont really think there is a recommended, just what ever you feel comfortable tanking with.

    Never use of the fortress gear, the health may look nice but it comes at the expense of actual defense, not taking the damage > being able to take more damage.

    My build im running with at the moment is 51rs/15bd (going for dodge, strikeback, hit chance and then maxing out the dex boost) with a 0 soul I switch depending on circumstances.

    always mark up mobs, you dont want people solo focusing down the wrong mob, though you can generally outthreat peoples aoe attacks easily. I tend to start with a planar shift either shadow assault or shadow blitz, this allows for quick threat and a 15 second rift barrier that gives me time to stack up a few combos for guarded steel and the switch to rift guard.

    I generally just spam phantom blow and keep guarded, rift and false blade up while rift distrubancing every time its up, if i need a bit more threat I'll dump some planar strikes and if things are going well I'll drop some keen/quick/deadly or twin/compound combos.

    however always remember as a tank your their to take the hits not give em, so keeping all your mitigations up is key, specially rift guard.

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