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Thread: Newb Nightblade Questions (Simple)

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    Default Newb Nightblade Questions (Simple)

    Been rolling Bard and Sin up until now, so I need some quick pointers:

    1) Does Blazing Strike or Flame Thrust do more damage?

    2) What should I be using as combo builders?
    -Fiery Spike vs. Primal Strike (Or should I subsepc into another tree)
    -Should I use Twilight Strike on CD?

    3) Does Dark Malady (20% extra damage for 8 secs) stack with Cloak and Dagger in the Assassin Tree?

    4) Should I pick up Puncture (Assassin)?


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    blazing strike

    3x fiery spike, then primal strike until 5, then blazing strike. once fiery is up you use primal strike/dusk strike.

    don't know

    i don't use *** with nb, as they are pretty different builds in regards to buffs/poisons.

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    1. Flamethrust is ranged, don't know why you would really be using finishers at range often (I dont even spec for it), but its a ranged finisher at the cost of some damage.

    2. Twilight strike is ranged, no reason to use it on CD unless you are not in melee range. Fiery spike is also ranged and stacks up to 3 times, pretty much the same thing, although the DoT may make it worth using in melee, but I generally use dusk strike on CD and spam primal strike.

    3. Cloak and Dagger only applies to assassin out-of-stealth openers, and so unless you're going to use one of them, then slip away and use dark malady (which seams quite impractical) no, they don't stack

    4. Up to you completely, I don't see a need for it
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    1. The only advantage Flame Thrust has over Blazing Strike is the Range.

    3. I wouldnt worry about you will probably never have the buffs up at the same time. Since Dark Malady is a NB opener and Cloak and Dagger works with Assassin openers. It might be possible to get them up at the same time, but would probably require a slip away.

    2/4. If you play NB I would mostly stick to a NB rotation. The only thing that you might consider taking from another tree is a CP builder to replace primal strike, but with primal death Im not sure if anything is better. Puncture may work but if you arent getting all of the assassin talents that improve it I dont know how good its going to be you will have to try it out.

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    Once you have lingering flame maxed (lvl 23) you really only need to ever cast fiery spike if it isnt up. Since blaze strike/ flame thrust do better damage at 1 cp
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