Ok, right now I'm sab spec, and I know some people hate it, i get it, and honestly don't care. Anyways what I'm really looking for is a spec that I can possibly tank with so what 3 souls should I get for tanking Dungeons other than RS, and should I really even worry about tanking? I heard that rouges should be able to in this game, almost expected to in some cases? Not real sure I just started and mainly just quest so far. Also I love to PVP and as sab I feel like I throw multiple charges and the big bang at the end is awesome when I crit, and I always lead in damage but I was kind of leaning towards a Stealth melee class. I don't really know (at level 20) which way to go with this, or if this is even a good idea at all? I was hoping some higher level rouges could let me know.

Couple questions along with the stealth class if I go that direction:
I heard that the speed of your MH and OH weapons don't matter anymore? Was wondering if I should have a higer dps in one or the other, or the higher overall damage in my main or off as well.

Is there much World PvP in this game? I have yet to see any, but was just wondering?

Sorry I know these might be dumb questions ha, but I'm new and need some help. I'm spec'd sab/rang/mark right now b/c I heard its best for leveling with the pet and and aoe.