Hey folks,

Just looking for some input on my PvE (Raid/Instancing) Build. It's mostly built for pure DPS output with a bit of utility (Foul Play, Slip Away, Maim to name a few), and some AoE for trash. This is a link to the spec:


There are a few places I could move points around, depending on the situation (pulling the 2 points out of Unstable State for maybe Combat Efficiency, for example)

Now the few things I'm looking for some (informed and speculative) input on are:

- Dauntless Strike + Lethal Poison: Any word on whether the effects stack, or if it would be better to just run one or the other?
- Blade Finesse: Still not entirely convinced I'm getting as much out of this as I think I am, but at this point, still a straight DPS boost as long as you're on target

Anything else people would like to weigh in on would be much appreciated as well. Troll posts will be read, but don't expect a response.

Thanks folks