I just started to focus on tanking as a Riftstalker the other day. I've tanked RotF a few times with no wipes, and I did DD last night, only wiping on the werewolf boss due to no one knowing the fight mechanics.

I read the post about tanking and thoroughly understand all of the mechanics. The one thing I'm curious about is if there is an easier way to track my buffs--may it be moving them on screen or a possible addon which would make my individual buffs easier to see.

It isn't incredibly difficult to find my buffs, but it does get irritating when I'm trying to maintain aggro on four+ mobs and I accidentally lose my % damage reduction buff because I lost sight of it in the two rows of buffs I have active.

Any insight would be appreciated!

Phallacie, 25 Riftstalker of Faemist.