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Thread: Rifting spec

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    Default Rifting spec

    hey folks,

    I am leveling a rogue for the first time (coming from a 24 cleric) and I seem to be having issues with input to a rift. (IE Im getting crap loot even though I am doing everything I can to contribute)

    Now I am a riftstalker/BD/bard so I understand that I dont have the best dps but I do try and tank everything I can and get in as much dps as possible.

    Coming from a cleric that has like 15 blue shards all the time and a couple epics here and there to a rogue that hasn't gotten literally anything yet is surprising.

    Would moving to another spec increase my contribution to the rift putting me higher up on the list? I think it should if I can pump out more dps and if this would make a difference which souls would you recommend?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Most likely that is your problem. Getting silver/gold as a rift stalker takes a little skill and a few more levels. The goal is to just tank everything (rifts have one of the highest threat potential of the tanks, especially in the aoe department), the issue here is, most times you dont have a healer to heal you, so tanking everything typically isnt an option unless your running around in a group close rifts.

    My suggestion would be go to a dps spec of some sort to level ask. Marks/Ranger/Bard is a good start rogue setup. Personally, i went nightblade/rift/bladedancer to level as just for something different from leveling as MM in beta.

    My build is ok until the lat 20s, when you can get Scourge of Darness, and then it pretty much owns everything it comes across. As a rogue, make sure you always have a good weapon (duh), alot of times the faction merchants in each area sell very good weapons.

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