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Thread: Few questions about Saboteur mechanic

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    Default Few questions about Saboteur mechanic

    Like in topic - i got few questions about Saboteur mechanics.

    First of all - i completly dont care about PvP and iam interested only in pure dps PvE "stuff". I'm currently 48 lvl but i havent got time / occasion to actualy test saboteur myself (lvling as ranger / marksman / assasin combo or bladedancer / assasin / riftstalker) and theres few mechanics "holes" in my knowledge about saboteur:

    1. Does talents like for example: ranger's Killing Focus or assasins: Serrated Blades actualy works with saboteur charges ? Since weapons - both melee and ranged are nothing more then "stats sticks" - how does talents affecting "melee" or "ranged" weapons works for this class ? (or they dont work at all ?)

    2. Weapons enchantments (nightblade) / poisons (assasin) - same question as above - do they work with charges, can you actualy see in combat log that they "procing" during detonation ?

    3. Talent spec - iam looking for some proper PvE pure dps bulid but unfortunatly without knowing mechanic from 1 & 2 questions its impossible to bulid anything that makes sense ;)

    Of course i will check this myself when i will reach lvl 50 but mayby some of you got a knowledge about this already so dont be shy and share it

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    1) no. any skill requiring a specific weapon won't work on charges and bombs used by saboteur.
    That rules out most of ranger, mm skills, as well as serrated blades for assassin.
    2) enchantment affect weapons so they affect marginally charges, as some of charge damage is based off dexterity and attack power (= weapon damage). skills that buff your damage without mention of a weapon type affect your charge damage, such as nightblade's unstable state if you use non physical charges, and poison damage (buffs all charges, as charges are considered as poison).
    3) depends on the level of survivability you want, or you just want sheer damage.
    any case, go 30-31 in saboteur till you get landmines, charge booster,demolition specialist and carpet bombing. you'll detonate your charges using Annihilation bomb (4blast+1spike charges for best burst damage).
    for the 2nd soul:
    - if you want survivability go for 18 points in riftstalker to get improved guard and guardian phase.
    - if you want sheer dps, go assassin for 21 points: permanent stealth, 30% faster and more indetectable, +20% crit damage, +5% crit, +15% poison damage etc
    for the 3rd soul go nightblade. 14 points will give you plenty good stuff: +15% charge damage, +15% finisher damage, a ranged finisher (flame thrust), 15% fire and death resistence/+9% non physical damage, 2 ranged stuns (lost hope, ebon terror) and +20% damage for 8 secs (dark malady)

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