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Thread: MM/Ranger build

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    Default MM/Ranger build

    So anyone give me an idea how good is this soul class combo for leveling fast and xping ???

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    I've got a Ranger/Marks/Sab build right now on one of my alts, isn't bad at all. I haven't gotten very far in the trees yet at all though so I don't know how good they are in higher levels.
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    I'm leveling a MM/Ranger/Bard combo right now and holy crap do you kill things fast. I'm loving it.

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    I am 50 right now...if I didn't have to go to work on Monday I probably would have done it in 4 days...here's what I learned.

    Start off with Ranger/Bard/Assassin

    Basically put 10 points into bard to get the cadence heal and the armor plus which then gives you the motifs for crit and attack power. (use these between mob kills)

    Everything else pour into your Ranger. Don't worry about getting more health or receiving less damage just go straight for damage and dots. Your third soul I would say get assassin because of the poison enchant you can get. (Oh, just use the razorbeast the wolf and raptor aren't tanks at all and can't hold threat)

    Once you get up to 40ish and most of your points are sunk into ranger and there isn't much left to get, I then switched over to Mark/Ranger/Bard.

    Basically the idea is to power up your pet, use its heal and the bard heal to keep your pet up when tanking 3-4 mobs (most of the time you won't have to do this but when you do its great).

    This is strictly a solo build made for questing. I have changed over to Ranger/Mark/Assassin for PVE at 50.

    Here's what mine looked like before I switched to Mark/Ranger/Bard. Just use all the buffs you have, poisons and motiffs and things will die fast and your pet will be able to tank almost anything you will run into.

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