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Thread: Some Inn-Fighting, What is the best 51 point Rogue Soul?

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    Default Some Inn-Fighting, What is the best 51 point Rogue Soul?

    Something to change up the talk I see flooding this section of the forum. And it might spark other builds that people haven't thought of.

    I'm gonna start of by saying Riftstalker.

    The amount of get out of jail free cards, chase down foe abilities, and the ability to switch from 'tank' to 'dps' with a quick toggle just makes this Soul by far the best for range of tactics and general chaos on the pvp front.

    4 Teleports to get away

    6 Teleports to get into combat

    And a whole slue of passives that suck up damage, remove cc, and cause more dmg when teleporting around. You should always be able to be in the right spot at the right time.

    Not only that, but you get two abilities that can be used to give you 12 seconds of undying to get your DPS on.

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    Sabo is just plain awesome, the 51 point skill itself means you can instant kill anyone by setting up charges, detonate then instantly setting up and blowing 5 more. between the variety of bombs mines and a self destruct button<hehehe> makes this class easily one of the best to put a full 51 points in.

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    For PvE? -I'd agree riftstalker is contender, so is bard. For PvP I'd say sab. There is tons of junk leading to 51 for sab, but 51 talent is just godly. nightblade is strong candidate for going high (44) but not 51.

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