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Thread: Question for SAB's

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    Default Question for SAB's

    OK guys I'm pretty pumped up at myself for thinking of this so let me down easy if I'm way off the mark.

    I posted this in the classes forum but got no responses and since I'm so impressed with how smart I am right now I need someone to provide input so I'm going to try the subforum in rogue.

    I was trying to think about how this could be done and I think I've come up with an idea

    a 10 point root ability for clerics in the PVP soul that upgrades your current dispel to dispell +1 negative effect. so instead of just 1 charge it would be 2.

    That way you'd have to dedicate a large chunk of points into the soul to get the benefit. you wouldn't be messing around with Cleric or Rogue GCD. and you'd be able to do this pre-50 because you can put 10 points in as soon as you unlock the soul.

    This almost seems too good to be true. What am I missing here?

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    I've noticed this also but it could just be in my head.

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