Ive been playing Sabo is beta5,6, and 7
Still playing a Sabo in head start till now im lvl 34

Now this is not a thread about either this class is OP or not, but I want ppl that play Sabo as their main char to respond to this

so... since day 1 of headstart i notice a slight change wiht the Sabo soul (or rogue in general). It feel slow.... the GCD of the charges seems to be a bit longer or our AP is a bit lower than in beta

now I don't know what it is, because I have no idea... Sabo just feel less responsive.

I waited till today because I want to make sure that it was the lag or anything.
Average ms ~70~100
FPS ~80~100 (40~50 in huge raid)

any other Sabo that played in beta have this feeling?

PS: sry for my bad english