When I played Beta I noticed the Greater Planars that activated by healing spells also activated with Cadence. For example I would use cadence and it would put a hot on me from the greater planar as well as the cadence tick hot.

When the game went live I got the lvl 20 greater planar epic heal over time one. It worked but this time it did 300 per tick/second for 8 seconds and it would put it on the raid as well. I reported it as a bug a few days ago as the tooltip said 300 over 8 seconds not 300 per second over 8 seconds. Anyway I digress. It stopped working this morning. Nothing I have done has activated it. Normally it activated every 3-4 cadences.

I was told they have probably fixed it and as cadence is not a magical attack its likely it now reacts to physical greater planars... it doesnt.

From today has anybody actually managed to get their greater planar to activate with cadence as I have bought a few different types of greater planars from the AH to test and so far not one will activate?