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Thread: Bard Major Stats?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imas View Post
    Well... supporting the group with AE heals that are based off damage dictates that bards need to do damage to better support the group. I don't really see the point of arguing that bards aren't "suppose to deal damage."
    What I mean is that you should not try to use your bard soul for dps, but that does not mean you shouldn't be using "bard" for DPS. I am at the top of damage/healing done/healing taken/damage taken in most of the warfronts with my NB/Bard. Its ridiculous even in 1v1, and the only time I've been annihilated was vs. stormcaller with codex double-damage buff. However even if I do have few points more in the NB soul, I still consider myself a bard.
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    Attack Power is the most important stat if you want to add to Cadence and the damage finishers.

    I did a test with Riftstalker +15% to ap passive and switch roles to a build without it.

    My Cadence was ticking for about 8% more from having +15% AP

    Motiffs that add AP and the Fanfare which adds AP (str/dex) also adds damage to cadence.

    Since cadence is a heal as well as DPS even an 8% boost to it is significant because that's increasign the healing as well.

    The finishers damage also shot up from ap.

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