Alrighty, here goes nothing.

I'm at 35 and this is my current build;

Nightblade for the Damage Increase, Assassin for the Crit/Damage increase and later on the CC/Poison.

I was wondering tho, if there was any way to optimize the killing speed, as yet altho getting as high as 1k finishers, I feel like I'm just not fast/efficient enough at killing stuff, especially when I don't get enough dodges/parries to trigger the reactive skills.

I didn't care much for survivab. for the sole fact of having Quick Reflexes and Sidesteps, along with Dancing Steel I got my ''panic'' button, least on physical mobs.

So, are there any better/stronger levelling-grinding builds?
Maybe disregard going for that much of a damage increase in favor of more survivab?
was sort of what I was aiming for.

I'm quite certain the crit talent would give a huge boost to damage, aswell as the other assassin specs - And adding in stun, blind, a ranged incap. and the self healing poison, I'd be semi decent in pvp.

Any thoughts or points of improvement there?