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Thread: I'm getting overwhelmed!

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    Thumbs down I'm getting overwhelmed!

    Hey guys, i've only been playing Rift since yesterday and i've started a few melee classes, but one thing i've come to notice very quickly is the amount of skills you get is just insane, to the point where it becomes hard to keep track of what is actually useful to use and what isnt.

    Is there any chance you could provide some help about deciding which skills to use and how to determine there usefulness.

    For a quick example....


    Just a quick level 15 build i've just thrown together, this provides you with:

    4 different combo builders

    3 combo consumers

    3 Self buffs.

    5 generic attacks

    So thats 12 different ways to damage the enemy.....

    This only increases as i'm sure your aware through the talent tree progression.

    So how do i decide which skills to use to maximise my dps? I'm completely lost.


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    Disclaimer: I don't play an assassin, so everything I say here is just based on what I read from the tool tip.

    First off, those self buffs last 1 hour. So toss them on and forget about them until it's been an hour or you're dead.

    You can go ahead and ignore the attacks from RS. One of them increase threat (as an assassin, you do not want that). The other increases armor, which you do not need (you're not getting hit in a group, right?)

    Since none of the abilities say they require stealth, I am going to assume none of them do. If they do, then those are obviously the attackes you use while stealth.

    The abilibies that say they do not break stealth, use them from stealth before engaging the enemies to increase your combat damage. Assuming they do not require stealth, you may want to use them during combat while in a group.

    Assassinate would be an opener when soloing since it needs to be used from behind. Savage Strike would be use as combo builder normally. If Assassinate does not require stealth, then you may want to use that as combo builder in a group (unless it generates too much threat, of course.)

    Malicious Strike looks like something you want to use to chase down runner. Probably not that useful in PvE, could be useful in PvP though.

    The 2 finishers are different. Final Blow is straight up damage while Baneful Touch is weaker damage, but increase poison damage for 1 minutes. Looks to me that you should only use Baneful Touch when you are in a long fight, and only once a minute. Otherwise, Final Blow is better for damage.

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    Here's a little breakdown of how my brain works when I'm making up builds:

    First, a breakdown of the roles of each class:
    • BLADEDANCER provides raw, up-front DPS with some tactical jumps and many evasion and dexterity-based buffs.
    • ASSASSIN is another melee DPS class, but it relies on popping out of stealth and messing the enemy up something fierce with critical hits and other status effects.
    • NIGHTBLADE can be thought of as the closest thing we get to a battlemage. They use more magic-based attacks (most melee, two are ranged and very helpful) and buffs to increase their DPS.
    • RIFTSTALKER is by far the most defensively-oriented melee soul we rogues can gain. They have plenty of passive, self-buffs that do everything from increase damage to increase healing done on themselves. It's a good support soul for the skill Shadow Shift as well as the aforementioned buffs.
    • MARKSMAN is the assassin of the ranged DPS. They combine a very high spike capacity with plenty of movement-speed and attack speed increasing skills.
    • RANGER uses their pet to tank while they open up with AoE and single-target skills. I see them more as a support soul, meant to supplement a bard, sabo, or marksman with their pet and passive buffs.
    • BARD would be the quintessential group-support class. At earlier levels they can be frustrating to level because of what may seem like sub-par DPS, but the second you gain Virtuoso, you become the most powerful AoE and single-target DPS, as well as the most powerful AoE healing class in RIFT. Every 1 minute for 15 seconds, mind you, but it's impressive!
    • SABOTEUR matures very, very early DPS-wise. They gain their major damage-dealing skills almost immediately and exploit them to the detriment of the opposing team. Unfortunately, they have little survivability in their own soul tree, and will have to rely on other souls to fill that gap.

    Now, if I were you, I'd take a bit of a different direction: 15Sin/0RS/5NB

    Assassin is good, as is Riftblade secondary, but riftblade is a special class when used as a support: it's very useful even when it has no points invested. Shadow Shift is your "OSHI-" skill for when you need to get the heck out of a fight, or when you need to catch up to a fleeing target. The best part? You can use it in Stealth and it won't take you out of it. As an assassin is a melee class, it lacks ranged attacks. How do you remedy that? Put Nightblade as one of your secondaries. Fiery Spike and Twilight Force are both very good ranged skills, especially when twilight is upgraded all the way. You also gain access to the very handy Ebon Terror that can stun a target right before you pop out of Stealth and tear them apart.

    Now, I'm not exceedingly familiar with Assassin primaries, but here's my attempt at what you may want to work towards as you level to 30: 28Sin/0RS/13NB. As you level you'd flesh out the assassin tree, as well as funneling points into the Riftstalker's offensive and defensive passive buffs. In the Nightblade's case, about the only thing you'd want to do is put 2 points into Melted Skin for the 100% attack bonus upon hitting with the Hellfire Blades enchantment active.

    Despite what I said, it's your game and you should play as you'd like. All I offer are what I hope to be helpful suggestions. What I do suggest is that you stick with using the combo-point-gaining skills and finishers from your main tree, as they'll be the most powerful due to your higher level in that soul.

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    Your build is ok, at low lvls its best to stack the as many points in one tree as possible to access the higher spec skills as soon as possible. If you read the tool tips you will find that most of the finishers do different thing. For example final blow does more immedate damage than baneful touch however baneful touch may cause more damage over time due to its increase in poison damage. So i suggest you learn and use the different abilities for different situations.

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