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Thread: Threat Transfer

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    Default Threat Transfer

    I know Ranger has the threat transfer ability to their pet, but I could have sworn a day or 2 ago there was another threat transferring ability in either the Ranger or Marksman tree. Was this changed? If so, where would I be able to view those changes at?

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    I'm rather new to this game so I don't have an answer for you but I was also wondering about some other type of threat management ability. While the Divert Rage ability is okay, it's not really ideal in a group PvE setting. Will my pet pull aggro from the tank? What if I've already drawn aggro? I don't see much else in regards to threat management in the other Rogue souls. There's Incriminate 20 points into Saboteur, Stalker Phase 16 points into Riftstalker, nothing in Marksman, don't see anything in Assassin. Those are the only souls I've been considering with my MM/Ranger/Sin spec but threat management seems like it might be a problem for most Rogues.

    I haven't actually grouped much but I was going to use one of my roles for pure group PvE and am still trying to figure out the best spec.

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