There are a hundred ideas that work, here's some guidelines for getting you started. I am not linking any builds. There are a million posts that can do that for you and frankly if I listed out some level 30-50 build, what to get and when will still be an issue for you.

First off, remember that you can respec at your trainer. Doing so also allows you to change souls. You don't want to be a marksman anymore? Just click on the middle thing in your talent screen near the name of each soul and you can switch to something else. Keep in mind that you have to go to the first big town to get quests to learn the other souls first. It's very easy.

Ranger - This is practically a staple for new rogues. Even if you want to melee, doing so where you have a pet doing extra damage and keeping you from getting hit is awesome. All you need is 4 points so that you will have Rejuvenate to heal your pet. Ranger is a good tree to go deep in if you want to be a ranged archer type but don't do it for the other pets. Your first pet is awesome. It actually holds aggro as long as you keep training it as you level.

Bard - Another amazing staple that is found in a lot of leveling builds. By level 8 you can put 3 points into Invigorated Soul and get healed while doing bard damage. At level 12 you get a heal over time which is what you need to get to ASAP if you are leveling melee. A lot of fun melee classes are rogue to level with at early levels. Bard is amazing by itself. You will kill a little slower but you can AOE grind like a crazy person not afraid to die.

Assassin - Yes, we know, you want to be a stealthy rogue dude. Sin is viable but it is a very rough grind at lower levels. I highly recommend that you run it with bard and/or ranger at first. You don't get a lot of good leveling stuff for Sin until higher levels, which is cruel. Awesome class though.

Saboteur - You throw bombs that stick to people then blow them up. Hell yes. Awesome damage, lots of fun. Combined with bard and ranger and you have an awesome leveling combo.

Marksman - A great compliment to Ranger in the end game but nothing special for leveling. If you want to fire arrows, go Ranger but keep in mind that Marksman, for purposes of leveling, is only complimentary at best.

Other Melee - There isn't much that is exciting in terms of pure melee leveling. There is a build that can be used for AOE leveling but it's not some cool Diablo 2 whirlwind type of thing, it's a very calculated process that requires a perfect build and focused leveling.

Max DPS Leveling - In WoW I used to like to level rogue with daggers. Ambush>mutilate>eviscerate>dead. The 3 hit kill in Rift doesn't exist. Even stunning something to death can only be done every 30 seconds or so.

Alright, fine, here is a leveling build:

The above is the basics that you need for each of what I consider the three primary leveling classes. Get your pet heal, then put points in sab then finish it off with bard.

Also, to make leveling easier, even if you have no intention of leveling as one, have a second spec that you can switch to that is mostly assassin. This is handy if you want to sneak past a bad patch of mobs (or a nasty rift) that is in the way of a quest objective. Yes, killing everything in your way will get you XP but there is something to be said for quick safe travel. It also comes in handy when you die in a bad spot.