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Thread: Some questions regarding Sab.

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    Default Some questions regarding Sab.

    So i've been playing Sab in PvE for leveling and really loving it, although some stuff has got me confused. First of all what stats should I be aiming for? I'm getting dex. and endurance, but im not sure why some leather gear has strength on it rather than dex. Also is it my ranged weapon, or my melee weapons that increase charges dmg?

    Lastly if you could have a look at my spec and make sure its looking alright, or give me a suggestion of a better spec.


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    Dex is your main stat and Str is your offstat. They both increase your damage.

    I'm not sure about the weapons though...

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    just hover your mouse over your stats in the char sheet, it'll tell you exactly what it gives you. Str is on rogue gear cause it gives attack power - just not as much as dex. TIP - you always want to stack dex, then str for more dps or end for more health, whichever you prefer. The choice is rarely dex vs str, it's almost always str vs end on rogue gear. In the situation where it IS dex vs str, then obviously, go for dex.

    on the weapon question, i dunno for sure, but i think it just uses your best dps weapon, or perhaps the one you have in your hand - hard to tell, really.
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