Ok, I'm looking at Sab/MM/??, where ?? is either Infiltrator or Nightblade. Ignore some of the MM points, i'm still looking for a solid answer on how Sab charges work with the MM's ranged attack power boosting abilities.

Below are the specs


With Infilitrator I get Armor pen, better crit damage, break free, cloudy poison, and cleanse.

With NB, i get stealth, incap, stealth openers (2s disorient or 20% damage boost for 8 seconds), better damage (5% better damage on combo point producing abilities and finishers, and the damage is universal, not just physical), and hellfire blades (and with them a 20% chance every attack to boost my dps by 5%)

NB seems to be the winner - Inf is more powerful in certain aspects, but alot more specialized. NB offers stealth and bigger damage boosts, though I'm wondering how powerful Cloudy poison and cleanse will be in organized warfronts.

Anyone care to weigh in?
Thanks in advance.