So the other day I'm in an instance tanking the crap out of the mobs around me when out of the corner of my eye what do i see my buddy doing??? Playing a freakin lute and strumming his guitar. Something is wrong with this guy we are fighting and he is just chilling singing and dancing....

Anyway BARDS wake up and DO something useful, respec Cleric!

JKJKJK STUPID troll thread


Seriously though I have played tank in every mmo since the beginning of time to include raiding on every tank class in wow also even throwing it back a couple of years in wow to tanking mother shiraz in BT or tanking gruul in gruuls lair on my Rogue.....WITHOUT A DOUBT Riftstalker is the most fun I have had tanking in any MMO, if your a Rogue TRY IT... ITS AMAZING!! Unless ofcourse you never tanked ever, It might present a challenge....who am i kidding ITS FACEROLL TRY IT!!!!!