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Thread: Odd Primalist behavior

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    Default Odd Primalist behavior

    so I'm playing MusclePig's ranged PL/Vulcanist build (21/18/0) with the EZ rotation to learn this.

    I've got legendary scything strike along with legendary MW and FB.

    Does LSS not affect LFB? I don't see any bonus being applied.

    If, however, I just spam Precision Bolt or Bloodletting I can see the damage bonus get applied if I hit LSS then PB or BL.

    Even more interestingly, if I just spam PB or Bloodletting I'll see random LSS pop up with damage, but I didn't hit the key, nor are PB or BL on a macro. Like, I'm literally hitting the "7" button which is bound to PB and between every 5th and 8th button press Scything Strike pops up with 50-100k of damage.

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    Hello! As far as I know, LSS buffs all skills, about the other thing though, as a legendary, it can randomly cast itself and you'll get the buff, specifically, it says Non Primal Lord abilities have a chance to cause this ability to deal damage automatically.
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    Sometimes the tooltip isn't updated after you hit LSS , but no worry FB get the boost , like every other spell you could use.
    Also as Hersheykisses says , every non-primal lord abilities have a chance to proc the Normal SS on your target, dealing damage and giving you the normal SS damage boost which is 120% instead of the 85% the LSS can give.

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