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Thread: Best soul for leveling?

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    Default Best soul for leveling?

    What is the best soul for leveling ?

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    From 1 to 65 , all kind of dps spec is good for lvling , but i prefer dervish.
    For the 5 last lvl , take whatever you want , as long as you have the Titan's legendary Essence strike , you won't die to 1-3 mobs on you so last levels will be easy.

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    Maelvish...it should be on the forums. It combines most of the dps versitility of dervish with sufficient self heals that you can pretty much coast through solo content. It's solid enough at damage and heals that you can focus on leveling and don't need to constantly be looking for top gear to keep ahead of the power curve.

    That being said, it's a terrible group spec for higher level content.

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    I very much enjoy leveling as a primalist I have two, already.

    From level 1 on I level as preserver. Your nurture ability does damage to enemies and heals you. Perfect tree to level up with.

    At some point when I'm able to do dungeons you want to pick up tanking, which is also enjoyable as a primalist.

    Once you get to level 65 you want to pick up a dps leveling spec, which you can also find in the primalist forums.

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