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Thread: Curious.

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    Default Curious.

    I'm just a little curious so I figured i would check it out.

    How many of you all have primalists as either your main or your first alt?

    And without any judgemental responses i would like to hear what specs everyone uses for all their roles (ie. Soul point layout and/or name of the spec, and whether you use it for dps, healing, tanking, support, open world and so on).

    Since im asking I'll start it off.
    I have maimed primalist since the release of starfall prophecy or prophecy of Ankhet (whatever you want to call it) prior to this expansioned I maimed rogue.

    For dps I have several specs I use:
    The first one is melee PL/Vulc spec (which is posted in primalist guides if anyone wants to check it out) this spec is 28 PL 2 Berserker and 9 vulcanist.

    Tue second spec i use is the "another ranged vulc" spec that is also posted up on the forums. This one is 26 vulcanist 0 farseer 10 PL

    As for the third dps spec i use, I use the melee mystic spec or "pseudo support" spec for primalist on the forums. I use the 16 PL 14 mystic 9 vulc variant so I can use it along side a chon in raid without messing anything up.

    Now for healing i use two different spec one for raid healing and one for ST healing (which i use for raid healing sometimes when I want to challenge myself)

    For raid healing I use a spec that I adapted from yarrellii's farseer guide on the forums. Basically the same thing but with slightly different rotation and I adjusted the macros a bit too. The spec is 8 preserved 31 farseer and 0 titan.

    For ST healing i use a spec that i made myself, however with your choice of legendaries its pretty generic as you basically have two choices when making a 31 preserver spec. So yeah the healing spec is 31 preserved 0 titan 8 farseer

    As for the actual support role, i don't support much in raids and there isnt much use for a support spec otherwise so I only have one and at this point its probably a bit outdated (Idk)

    I use the dervish mystic instant cast hybrid spec for support which is titled "Mystic hybrid non-casting spec" on the forums (the fact that I had to go to page two on the primalist guides to find the spec tells me it likely is pretty outdated XD) the spec is 21 dervish 18 mystic 0 maelstrom.

    Lastly for tank i only have one spec, one that is pretty similar to the most recent tanking guide posted on the forums by Hokhmah. The one I use is 31 titan 6 berserker 2 typhoon.

    Well that's all of mine. I look forward to reading everyone elses responses.

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    Nice idea so we can see which specs the primalist's community play the most.

    For myself , i mained the primalist since it came out. Before i was playing mage and rogue.

    For dps , i hate all primalist's range spec (personnal preference), so i don't use any of them in raids.

    I mostly play the spec luisa posted "Melee PL/Vulc" but with slight modifications to macros so i have a bit more dps.

    I also use a melee cleave spec which have 21 PL 15 vulc 3 berserk for BoS 2nd and 3rd boss.

    And the 3rd spec i use is my "pseudo support" spec, and it's my main role in our guild raid , where i play it everytime on everyboss, it's also my favorite prima spec atm.

    For the healing side , i use only 1 spec for AoE or ST , it's the heal spec i posted , AoE heal spec with crit debuff, which boost the group dps too and do the same amount of heal as a classic 31 farseer/8preserver.

    For tanking i have around 4 differents specs since i love tanking as prima :
    - The spec i posted which is pretty common which is my open world spec too.

    - 31 titan / 8 farseer / 0 preserver , i can pull 500-700k hps with this one in raids so it's a nice help in PuG group where heal could be lacking sometimes.

    - Hybrid tank heal 21 titan / 18 farseer / 0 preserver, it's my tdem/RR spec , where i can do them without any heals in the group

    - 21 titan / 18 mystic : my fun spec when they are heals in group but no prima support , i'm using it for tdem/ rr dungeon etc

    And i also have my own version of the "Mystic hybrid non-casting spec" where i can pull a bit more dps.But i don't use it too often.

    And for the last spec , i have a 1 - 2 button typhoon spec which i use for BoS trash, TDNM trash : 31 typhoon 8 berserker 0 predator, it can pull 5M average dps on a 8 group ennemy and burst above 10M burst dps. It's maybe the only range dps spec i play, since berserker aoe feels weaker.

    That's it for me, feel free to ask if you are interested in one of the specs i could make a guide about it.

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    I started playing primalist since it came out. It has always been my warrior's alt. When it came out, I really enjoyed the full dervish DPS spec. Using earthfall felt good. Then sometime later came maelstrom and with that the Jumpalist spec was made which had its fun to offer for some time (especially in pvp)

    In this expansion I play mostly DPS, The main DPS spec I use is the 26 vulcanist ranged spec but I also play the 7 button melee spec listed on the guides section when I can. I don't heal or support because I never learned how to. The reason is that I never got off training wheels from warrior's 3 point builder finisher method so I always get mixed up when attempting to play mage or cleric. Primalist has the fury/harmony/cunning bar which acts as attack points and finisher in a way (26 vulc spam macro x2, scything 3rd hit, DoT as finisher) I also happen to be the few that can pull over 1m dps in my guild so my role as DPS is required.

    I feel though that we primalist users need a better DPS spec not in terms of higher DPS but as ability value. As we look at our meters, 40 to 45% of our damage or so is based on fury blast DoT. We also have to hope it crits often and that scything doesn't proc at 80% fury. I wish Dervish was a thing again. And either primal lord or primal predator would be nice if they were ranged and tuned to work at 31 points.

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    Default Nice!

    Thanks for the responses.

    Yeah I feel ya Kuick. at this point it seems like with primalists being high dps no one wants to lose them for healing or other roles. I do my best to squeeze my way into other roles in raids when I can :P

    And you too Hokhmah, sounds like we use a few of the same specs, even if we have em set up a bit differently. I'm honestly not too partial to the ranged specs for primalist either, which is why I play the melee specs as much as I can, they tend to flow in a nicer manner when it comes to rotation. easier to target swap and all that too. But alas, when I found a ranged spec that did upwards of the same dps as the melee spec I figured I should use it whenever using melee isn't really an option.

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