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Thread: Predator is bad (at everything)

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    Default Predator is bad (at everything)

    Primalist Souls 2: The Saddening: Predator

    I'm afraid to admit it, but Predator is actually my favorite soul. It's like admitting your favorite Avenger is Hawkeye. Unfortunately, there's never a reason to play it. Just like there's never a reason to want a guy who's really good at shooting arrows when you could pick a billionaire genius with a flying robot suit that also has missiles.


    Predators sustained damage is bad. Reaaal bad. It also has zero AoE. And zero ranged abilities. I can understand the no ranged part, since raptors have short arms. But it either needs some decent AoE or the single target needs to be great. I believe it's damage is so bad because it was intended to be an "open world" soul. But then they forgot to give it open world tools.

    Predator has zero self healing or shielding. And no survival cooldowns. The best you can do is run away if things get bad. And for some reason your sprint is actually a debuff on the enemy... so you can run away... as long as you stay close to them?


    One thing predator does have is stealth. Sorta!

    It lasts 15 seconds. but there is no buff on you to track it, so you kinda guess when it's up. Predator has no special from-stealth abilites. In fact, any ability use will break stealth, even buffing. This makes opening combat super awkward.

    Predator is supposed to be an alpha-strike class. But you can't just stealth and Final Moment something. It goes more like

    1. Find enemy, stay at range
    2. Use Locus of Destruction
    3. Wait for Predatory Instinct stacks
    4. Apex Predator
    5. On the Hunt
    6. Primal Avatar: Raptor
    7. Now you can stealth!
    8 . Final Moment!!! wooo!!!

    After all that, Final Moment does hit hard. It's nice, till you realize during all that build-up you could have killed 3 things in any other soul. And now everything is on cooldown. And hopefully you were only fighting one enemy at a time.

    Predator would be so much more fun if I could use some of that from stealth. And if stealth generated some PI stacks. I believe the devs were concerned about preloading stuff being too strong in PVP, but Final Moment (and Blindside) already have built-in PVP reductions.

    The Rotation

    I actually think the mechanics of the soul are fun. Burst - then down time while you build up Fury + PI stack for the next burst. Several cooldowns to manage. But I should point out there is a hole in the burst rotation

    Final Moment -> Blindside-> ??? ->Sudden Strike

    The ??? here is an ability that generates at least 40 fury. After Blindside you're at harmony, and you have to get into fury in the next second for Sudden Strike (you have 1 second left on Legendary Silent Stalker).

    Oh, and since it's elemental damage, you gotta Scald. Fitting in a 1.5s cast ability into a melee soul is so awkward.


    Predator's DPS is too low for any group content. It's survivablity is too low for solo content.
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    Another soul that was brought out, only to be marginalized.

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