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It is the old proverb the "squeaky wheel gets the grease" at work.

Nerfs should have never ever been part of games to begin with, in a nutshell a nerf is the developers punishing their companies customers for their (the developers) mistakes.

Nerfs also give rise to a small segment of the player population that complains about everything where we have the 10% whose voices have been allowed to become powerful enough to quash the silent majority.

Had Trion ban the use of the nerf option for its developers from the beginning, forcing them to become better at their jobs instead of giving them an easy out for their mistakes, I believe Rift would be at least on par with WoW in the number players today.
unfortunately, there will be the people that are never happy. Yes, Primy was scaled to current content however, there are 3 other classes that were over-sighted in that phase of game development. Taking it a step further, the number of useless souls on each and every class in this game is wholly unacceptable. Fix it or delete it...

The interesting issue is that they are hellbent on giving us something with the intent to take it away, nearly immediately following. When the team can nerf and ninja nerf a class and ignore the other classes that sorely need to be scaled up to the current content, sad state of affairs.

If the game development team was the same group of people that were involved in vanilla and SL, we would still have 16 active shards. As it stands, they could pare it down to 1.5 shards and have loads of room for more players to become active.