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Thread: Tired of hybrids

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    Default Tired of hybrids

    So the new souls are out .. yay...
    It appears like Primal Lord requires a strict rotation to be effective and Predator is only really good as a hybrid with Dervish using Dervish's Primal Avatar ability. I know the DPS is good and all, but this feels anticlimactic.
    On top of that, of the builds I see on the forums PVE is lacking due to barely existent self heals and PVP hurts as the Predator/Dervish spec because if you die and Primal Avatar is on cooldown then you are useless until it is refreshed.

    Anyone had luck with any good PVE or PVP builds that clearly I am lacking the foresight to find on my own? I want to like the class since I've invested some time and money into it, but honestly, I'm just not feeling it at the moment.

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    my EN not the best but let me tell this.. am pure pve player and max-min raider. Main primalist sonce 3.4.. Solo in VP, i mean dalies and stuff around are many possible hybrids or 31 builds u can play. u can play what u like and what u want to build up, u dont need to have the most higher dps spec for pve solo what u using on raids..its bul**** ofc. I never died on open world becose mobs were mad on me xD Am using for solo 21der, make sure u have point in Spirit Wind, 18predator ofc and zero titan for legendary Essence strike. U can use 65 mastery A.Force and Vampiric essence on weapon.. its decent, can be bursty also. Like i said..i never died but if u manage to do it somehow, than must be something wrong with your hands bro.. peace

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    Since mages have no ability to hybrid, I haven't played mage since and play my primy as a main. Primy has options ranging from 31 specs to support, heals etc. You clearly have options of hybrid or 31 specs.

    Vulc, maelstrom...

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