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Thread: BUG : Bind Life/Air Lash (Mystic)

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    Default BUG : Bind Life/Air Lash (Mystic)

    Hi, I noticed the following issue with the ability Bind Life/Air Lash.

    The tooltip states that it requires perfect harmony or cunning to push 60 towards cunning, and requires fury to push 60 towards fury. When using the ability, the first use seems to work properly sometimes (I tested mostly by starting from perfect harmony), but any subsequent casts push it in the direction opposite what the tooltip says. Basically from cunning it gets pushed towards fury and vice versa, opposite the tooltip description.

    Which is intended? Hope I was clear enough.

    Also BL/AL seems to act strangely when macro'd but I will do more testing and post more details if I am able.

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    I've noticed this as well. When doing support, I open using this twice. First time pushes 20 into cunning and the second time pushes (40 total) it back to being 20 into fury. This doesn't bother me at all, but did notice that the abils dont do what the tooltip say. After this I just go into my 1 button macro I made, which refreshes both at 1sec, so I don't know if it does this again later in fights.

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