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Thread: Eternal Weapon's raid buffs and Primalist

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    Default Eternal Weapon's raid buffs and Primalist

    Looks like there's another oddity when it comes to Primalist class compared to others. By the looks of it, the 1h raid wide damage buffs provided by Primalist's or Rogue's Eternal Weapon do not work as they do on other classes.

    The said raid buffs fall into the Active Player buffs category and are additive with all other active player buffs, like Maelstrom's Beacon for example. The differences are usually minimal, unless a skill has a huge acitve buff component, like Lashing Wind in Dervish.

    I have tried to test rogue's buff on my warrior as well as both buffs on the friend's rogue. In all cases the two Eternal Weapon's buffs were additive with eachother as expected and multiplicative with other groups. Could be that other weapon buffs work the same way on Primalist, but I haven't checked those out.

    I know posting this here is pretty meaningless, but overall might be something interesting for whoever reads it .
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