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Thread: Leveling through IA's?

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    Default Leveling through IA's?

    I've been leveling through IA's, even though I'm sick to death of Hammerknell, but I'm struggling to find a build that feels right. The guides seem to be written for max level and when I copy them I feel like I'm missing key abilities so nothing works quite how it should.

    I just hit level 45 and I'm not sure what to do next. Is there a build that works well for grinding through IA's? Or a plan that will be better for solo questing from 50-60+? Or should I just play a different character until the new trees come out this summer?

    Any advice? Thanks!

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    Smile Leveling

    In general: lvl in that spec and with the class which makes fun for you... without that lvling will become rly boring. I lvl'd my old char by doing old Expert's via the Dungeon Browser und doing some quests and from time to time also IA's. As I can remember, I lvl'd my twink to 60 only with IA's but that becomes boring... so i startet lvling 60+ like the way i showed you above.
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    No. Primalist is the worst class for solo content or levelling.

    There is no build at all where you can reliably level until 66.

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    I have been doing good with Dervish and leveling through questing and carnage killing, mostly single target fights as the AoE seems pretty weak.

    I too tried some of the guides but found they are almost worthless early on.

    Get a DPS meter addon and just make a rotation of your current abilities that give you the best DPS.

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    i had the good luck to level my primalist before molten wave nerf.

    i simply spammed molten wave till my 40's or 50's.

    ez levelling.
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    Getting to 60 through IAs isnt too bad. It gets grindy from 60 to 65 though. I saved all my boxes from 63 -65 on my most recent alt and opened them all at 65. SFP starting area has been fine with IA gear and you replace it fast. I would focus on a lvl 60 build and keep pushing through IAs. Your spec doesnt matter too much in IAs you can try tanking or healing or whatever, half the group is usually being carried anyway because they arent high enough level to have the best abilities.

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