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Thread: Molten Wave Suggestion

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    Default Molten Wave Suggestion

    Adding a toggle for Molten Wave to go single target but you not worrying about aiming the wave would be good. So you just sit there and channel like Flame Walker, so it cant miss or dodge pretty much. Would make life easier in pvp and make vulcanist way more appealing considering molten wave needing to hit every single time is basically a must in the spec, which makes or breaks it in pvp and to some extent pve.

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    Default how about this

    like savage blow,

    debuff on single target - we can stack to 3 and 25% dmg increased debuff per each stack.

    skill cost is.. around 60 fury.

    and rename it such as "molten piercing" lol

    i don't know but molten wave atm is too unconvenient.
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