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Thread: Major Bug - Maelstrom GCD Consumption

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    Default Major Bug - Maelstrom GCD Consumption

    Legendary Vaporize & EB frequently trigger a full GCD and never actually cast or go on CD. Breaks every maelstrom spec and makes them unplayable.

    I have tried separating abilities, i have tried separating macros, nothing, the maelstrom legendaries are simply bugged.

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    Default Drastic DPS Flux in 31 Malestrom Spec with Vap and EB Legendaries

    I am considering switching my main to Primalist in 4.0 and ran my first expert last night. My dps fluctuated drastically in 31 Maelstrom with Vap and EB Legendries. I couldn't figure out what was happening. I was getting error a message about conditions not being met when clicking my macros and casts were not firing.

    I like Maeistrom but had to switch to the Aftershocker for my main ST dps spec after my experience. Thanks for the post. I will post additional findings.

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