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Thread: Post Primalmancer spec

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    Default Post Primalmancer spec

    So i've been tampering with specs since I saw that EB nerf from a mile away. I have been getting pretty decent with dervish post nerf tho.
    Post Primalmancer spec-2016-12-01_150928.jpg
    Post Primalmancer spec-2016-12-01_150929.jpg

    This is on a 67 dummy no planar buffs in my dimension on live

    Has anyone else have better luck with other specs? I was messing with maelstrom as well, the burst is amazing but the sustain has a little to be desired (I could be playing it wrong, that's totally not out of the question)
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    Looks pretty nice cus hybrids are fKed up as hell but i rly liked times with dervish until MS came

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