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Thread: When will Drown get fixed?

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    Default When will Drown get fixed?

    As the title says, when will Drown get fixed? At the current state it's completely useless in boss fights because bosses are immune to debilitate and that renders the whole interrupt as useless. Instead of interrupting the boss (yes, blue cast, range yadayadayada) a green text saying "Immune" pops up twice, once for debilitate and once for the interrupt itself I guess and the boss keeps casting. It has been that way ever since

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    Many weeks ago i told it to Vladd in a livestream that drown doesnīt work...
    He also answered, that he will have a look on it (or will tell it to someone else who should have a look on it... donīt remember anymore exactly^^).

    We can just wait...

    Also a SUGGESTION:
    Please just copy the interupt from Vulcanist or Derwish without the side effect of the current spell... 20s cooldown on an interupt are just useless...

    Copy & Paste of a skill shouldnīt be so difficult and most of the primalists would be happy
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