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Thread: Berserker: Wrathfall -> icefall does not work

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    Default Berserker: Wrathfall -> icefall does not work

    Berserker: Wrathfall -> icefall does not work unless you skill Shatterfrost

    Wrathfall in fury = ability error
    as soon as skilled Shatterfrost it works

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    I noticed the exact same thing myself today with my Typhoon/Berserker build.

    I am primarily Typhoon for ranged AoE damage, but took 7 points into Berserker for the +15% AoE Damage and the easier playstyle it brings during IA-Wardstone-Defense events.

    There is nothing to indicate requiring Shatterfrost as a prerequisite for the Icefall portion of Wrathfall to work, yet i keep persistently getting "Invalid ability" whenever i start enterering Fury. As soon as i am moving into cunning the ability flips back to corpsefall and works as expected again, until dropping back to Fury at which points the "Invalid ability" errors start again.

    Obviously for me going a minimum of 14 points into Berserker just to get this skill to work in not an option.

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    That's kind of trippy. Had to respec the guy to try that, cause like mentioned - nothing suggests Shatterfrost is a requirement. There's nothing about the way you spend the first 13 points that changes anything, but when you hit the 14th point with Shatterfrost...voila...it works.
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