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Thread: Suggestion for Support Soul

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    Default Suggestion for Support Soul

    Ok first i will say Sorry if my English isnt good but i hope you Guys can follow my funny writing here...

    I got a very Interessting Suggestion for a Supporter Based Soul for the Primalist wich i gonna write down here to discuss it with you. Letīs go then.

    The Support based Soul is focused on Death and Life Plane based Skills

    How does it Work?
    Easy answer:

    The Primalist uses a rotation of his Attacks to Gather "Essence". You can take Typhoon Soul as a small example how it works.

    With Both Plane Based Energy the Primalist can Enhance some of his Skills to Affect Enemies or Allies to weaken effects against or strengthen Surviveability of your Teammates.

    After you gathered enough Essence of the Enemy you can summon a Totem wich gives a short Buff to Allies or a Signal to Debuff Enemies for a Short duration.

    The Totem depends on what Type of Plane based Skill you use (Death, debuff Enemy / Life , Buff Ally) and they arent manually placeable like the Signals you are used to be, its more lik Earthquake of the Titan Type if you know what i try to explain here.

    Why did i shoose Life and Death?

    Because every other Combination is covered enough for the Primalist and it would be technically the only good Solution to give Death and Life Based Skill Types to the Supporter Class of the Primalist wich give him a more deeper Gameplay Mechanic in his Skillsets so he can easily find a perfect Fit for his Souls...

    Couldnt decide if the Support like i want to see here is being a Melee or a Ranged Type Combination of Souls but i prefer him to be at least flexible to be in Melee and switching to Range Combat as the Player wishes (Maybe you will decide it with a Selfbuff of Life or Death either if you want to go Melee Support or Ranged Support with various Effects on your Skills)

    I hope you guys can follow my Idea and maybe you like it and we can work it out together so Trion Worlds maybe start to like it (yeah i still keep dreaming that Trion Worlds are listening to us :P )

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    So the totems and signals would sort of be like what Tactician can drop? Has some to do aoe dmg, aoe armour reduction,etc.. and then has the healing, armour boost, etc.. to heal his allies?
    Kind of sounds like what you are trying to say. Only Tactician doesn't need to gather the essences, he/she can just drop either kind at any time. Maybe I just misunderstood you. If I haven't then it sounds like the Primalist support, built like you are saying, would be a gimped Tactician.

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    To gather something to drop essential support stuff for the raid is not a viable option...you want ramp up the raid dmg with every gcd and if you can`t use each gcd for debuffing/buffing the usual stuff this soul will have no place.
    The concept is nice for a soul called Mystic but the collecting stuff could only be used on similiar stuff like Power Drain from Archon or a dmg skill outside of the buffing/debuffing section.
    Also you have to put everything in like 14 skills because Primalist can`t have extra stuff like covering utility or self heal if it requires more work/skills to implement.

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