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Thread: preserver primalist question

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    Default preserver primalist question

    So I leveled this character, got gear on her. she is now ready for Tier 1 content. but, I find i am having a very hard time finding a guild.

    Are preservers unwanted? are puri so much more needed that we do not have a spot? I am just curious.
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    Unfortunately, Preserver isn't really going to replace Purifier in it's current state. The shielding from Puri is still pretty strong so for t3 content, you'll see a Puri more than you'll see a Preserver. There are some guilds that use a Preserver in lieu of a Puri but that's usually because they're low on clerics or to help another healer out (ie: Dark Genesis where some guilds use Puri+Preserver for a specific phase.)

    You could get by using a Preserver in t1 and t2 content because nothing really "requires" needing the intense uptime on shielding and Flame of Life.

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