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Thread: What am I missing with skill shot?

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    Default What am I missing with skill shot?

    When you hit 100 fury you get a buff allowing you to insta cast skill shot. check
    Can only occur every 10 seconds. check

    This isn't always the case for me and I can't figure out why. I'm using a pretty set rotation so I'm only hitting SS every other round (which is right at 10 seconds) but for some reason it doesn't always go off. Even if I move the bar towards cunning then back to full fury I don't seem to get that insta cast sometimes.


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    I think I know what you are talking about it happens to me when I notice that I have 100 fury and the 10 second time frame expires the proc doesn't re-proc. I have to drop fury to under 100, then bump it back up. If it is sitting at 100 fury when the timer is up... it doesn't always proc.

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    same as you guys. i wouldnt bother too much tho, when you see 10 sec expire, use tectonic spike to drop to 80, and use any fury skill to get back to 100.

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